Rift Valley University News!

Rift Valley University News!

Rift Valley University Gullale Campus has conducted its 7th in-house research conference on May, 31st under the Theme: ‘Development and Higher Education in Challenging Conditions’.

The research Conference resumed with a welcome speech by Mr. Tamene Tadese, Campus Dean. Mr. Tamene explained the rationale for organizing such a research undertaking and appreciated the participants and guests participating in the Conference. After wrapping up his speech, he invited Professor Derbsa Dufera, RVU Vice President for Research, Community Service, and Technology Transfer to make an opening speech.

Professor Derbsa Dufera in his opening speech emphasized the role research plays in improving the livelihood of communities and transforming communities. He also mentioned efforts made by RVU to reach out and deepen the research culture that benefits the surrounding community and finally declared the official opening of the Research Conference.

Three papers that covered cross-cutting issues were presented. Participants raised questions and commented on the presented papers. Graduating students and staff members got an opportunity to attend and benefit from the Conference.

Mr. Tamene made the closing remark and handed over a Certificate of recognition to the presenters and those who directly contributed to the success of the research work.

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Rift Valley University News!

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