President Message

The history of Higher Education in Ethiopia is a recent phenomenon when compared to the other world. Again, the introduction of Private Higher Education is younger than that of the Public. The coming into being of The Ethiopian Private Higher Institutions follows the emergence of free market economy in the 1990s G.C. This historical shift of the policy dimension initiated investors to join education sector. Accordingly, Rift Valley College was founded in Adama City in October, 2000 G.C. Having started with few number of students, Rift Valley College began to flourish across the country both in program diversity and delivery modalities. Its immense contributions as well as its reputations gave Rift Valley College to upgrade its status to Rift Valley University College. Now, its scope and access largely expanded and people of different academic need joined the programs and pursued their tertiary education in any modality that best suits them. In 2014 G.C.
Rift Valley University College was promoted to a full-fledged University in Ethiopia. Since then, Rift Valley University has been exerting its full effort to serve the humanity in its full capacity. Currently, the University runs Fifty Three Campuses all over the country, and One out reach campus there in Hargeisa, Somaliland.
Behind every success story of Rift Valley University, those who played magnificent roles such as its founder and owner Obbo Dinku Dayasa, successive Managers and Presidents, Managing Councils and University Councils, Academic and Supportive Staff, Active Students and Alumni, Regulatory Bodies of various levels deserve great honor and appreciations. Had it not been with out these all bodies’ vigorous collaboration endeavors, the present Rift Valley University would not have scored such a high pick standard in delivering quality higher education to the citizens. Therefore, as the President of the University, I would like to cordially extend my due respect and great honor to all of you who have played great roles in making and taking Rift Valley University to its current statuesque in the history of Ethiopian Private Higher Education. By the same token, I kindly request my Management Team to stand together in realizing our mission being framed by our core values. As our motto goes, we should commit ourselves to make Rift Valley University the ‘Hub of Excellence’ in 2030. Abebe Gemechu Lencha(PhD)

Dr Abebe Gemechu
Abebe Gemechu Lencha(PHD)
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