Mr. Dinku Deyasa

Owner Messages

As a higher education institution, Rift Valley University is committed to sustain excellence in teaching, research, and public engagement, Community services and also Dedicated to fuel the engines of development, the potential and the working forces of the country.

In keeping with this mission, We started Rift Valley University, in order to bring an international-level education to the our country, Ethiopian. Through the use of modern teaching methodologies, highly qualified faculty, and state-of-the-art campuses, we endeavor to be a world-class institution of higher education and research, promoting cultures and technical skills, critical thinking and public duty, to help develop a prosperous and progressive society.


Education is the only solution to the problems faced by our nation. At Rift Valley University, we understand that our students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are the future of our country. They will run our government, manage our businesses, and serve our country. Thus, we here at Rift Valley University provide an environment where we foster well-rounded, well-groomed individuals who are competent to take on challenges later in life and meet them with success. So, Rift Valley University is among the higher education institutions that play a pivotal role in turning out skilled, creative, responsible, and productive citizens capable of meeting the needs of the country in its development Endeavours.

In the course of its existence, Rift Valley University has graduated a modest number of students in various fields of study. The feedback we get from institutions that employed our graduates is an unequivocal witness to the outstanding performance of our students. In this connection, it is gratifying to note our modest contribution towards the development of skilled manpower in the country. This does not, however, mean that there is no room for growth and improvement.

We aspire to diversify our fields of study and further improve the quality of education. It is our desire to strengthen our endeavors along this line. This is based on the firm conviction that enhancing the spread and accessibility of education should go hand in hand or be supplemented with efforts aimed at ensuring the quality of education. It is worth noting that Rift Valley University has made it a point to further strengthen its commitment along this line with a view to realizing its long-standing Motto of making “Rift Valley dedicated to fuel the engines of development”.

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