Twenty Rift Valley University (RVU) campuses that are located in Addis Ababa and Oromia Special Zone on July 16, 2022, graduated more than eight thousand graduates, who have attend their education in various discipline, modalities and levels of education at Millennium Hall. 

RVU Board members, Senators, high level government officials, partners and families of the graduates have attend and made the gradation ceremony colorful. Dr. Abebe Gemechu, RVU President made a welcome speech. Dr. Abebe in his speech informed the larger audience of the efforts RVU has made in areas of offering quality education, partnership agreements made with national and international academic institutions, the contributions of RVU in national development efforts, and pledged to do more in fulfilling RVU’s obligation as one of the pioneers and largest Private University in the country. 

After finalizing his speech Dr. Abebe invited H.E Dr. Negari Lencho, FDRI Human Resource, Duty   Execution and Technology Permanent Committee Chairperson and Guest of Honor to make an Opening Speech. Dr. Negeri in his speech appreciated the effort RVU is making in reaching out to peripheries and encouraged all stakeholders to take an active part in improving the livelihood and standing of the country at national and international levels. He concluded his speech by reminding all the stakeholders to pay attention to the quality of education that determines the fate of the nation. 

The Keynote speech was made by Mr. Arty Hyseni, Breat and Gibson Ltd Company COE, UK-based RVU partner. Mr. Arty in his Keynote speech mentioned the admiration her has for the Ethiopian people’s hospitality, and enthusiasm to improve their livelihood through education. Besides he touched upon the enabling environment RVU has created to change those wishes into a reality. Finally, he informed the students and families of the graduating students to exploit the partnership agreement created between his company and RVU and benefit themselves and their country.  



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