Bole Campus is the first RVU campus that started offering post-graduate programs in various disciplines. It served as a springboard for the expansion of postgraduate programs to other RVU campuses.

Bole campus is still playing an exemplary role of inspiring other campuses by undertaking timely research under the theme ‘Social Dev’t towards sustainable Dev’t Goals’.

Invited guests from Head Office, RVU campuses & other stakeholders were in attendance. 

The Conference was conducted on August 28,2021 at 8:30A.M at RVU Bole Campus. After the program introduction was made by the moderator , Bole Campus Dean Mr. Ifabas Kebede made a welcoming speech. In his speech, Mr. Ifabas explained the rationale for organizing the research & acknowledged the contributions made by RVU scholars for the success of the conference. After finalizing his speech,  he invited Dr. Abebe Gemech , RVU  President to make an opening speech. 

Dr. Abebe in his speech informed the participants that RVU has designed a ten years strategic plan that mainly   focuses on Research & Community Service in addition to offering quality education, & encouraged scholars to play leading roles in knowledge production & dissemination. After briefly mentioning these & other related issues, he congratulated the campus for taking such initiative & declared the official opening of the Conference. 

Five scholarly papers that focused on cross-cutting issues were presented by scholars from RVU campuses,  and the participants debated and enriched them. 

The Conference was concluded by the closing remarks made by Dr.Senebeto Busha, Vice President for Research, Community Service and Technology Transfer. Dr. Senebeto urged the scholars to extend their helping hands in upgrading RVU Journal to the required level and appreciated the campus and  stakeholders who directly or indirectly contributed for the success of the conference and encouraged them to do more in the future.The attached pictures were taken while the conference was in progress. 



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