Rift Valley University North Western cluster campuses, namely Sidist Kilo, Burayu, Dire Gafersa and Gullale have undertaken 4th in-house Research Conference under the theme ‘Quality Education for Sustainable Development’.

The conference was conducted on June19, 2021, at Sodere Resort Branch in Addis Ababa, located in front of African Union Head Office, and hosted by Gullale Campus. Invited guests from Head Office, RVU campuses and other stakeholders were in attendance. 

Gulelle Campus Dean Ato Tamirat made a welcome speech and invited Dr Abebe Gemech , Rift Valley President to make the opening speech. Dr Abebe in his speech underlined the importance of Research in academic circles and congratulated cluster Campus leadership and researchers for organizing such a timely Conference that covered inter disciplinary subjects, and declared the official opening of the conference.

Six papers that covered wide ranging issues were presented by scholars from RVU (including prospective MBA graduate female students), public and private universities. The participants deliberated on the presented papers and enriched it to the required level.

The conference wrapped in the afternoon. Dr. Senbeto Busha, made the concluding remarks and handed over a certificate of award for those who have presented papers and contributed to the success of the conference.

As per the gathered feedback from various sources attest, many who have participated in the conference have directly or indirectly benefited from the research undertaking. 

RVU-Hub of Excellence!


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