Rift Valley University has started   two days (June 17-18, 2021) training at its Head Office located around Gotera. The training was jointly organized by the Office of Directorate for Academic Affairs & Director for Quality Assurance. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance Officers from various RVU campuses were in attendance. The objective of the training is to capacitate those who lead the teaching-learning activities and those who monitor quality so as to enable them to employ a check and balance system in the process of delivering education at their respective campuses. 

The training commenced with the introduction of programs by Ato  Ifabas Kebede, RVU Director for Quality Assurance. After briefly introducing the schedule and the objective of the training, he invited Dr. Abebe Gemechu, Rift Valley University President to make an opening speech. 

Dr. Abebe in his speech emphasized the pivotal role quality service plays in Higher Education in general and in RVU in particular. He stated the rationale for organizing such costly training is to capacitate the Campus leadership to reinforce quality education at all levels.

In his speech, Dr. Abebe urged the trainees to actively participate in the two days training, and encouraged them to assert themselves when they go back to their campuses. After making a brief speech, he invited Dr. Dunkana Negussa, Director for Quality Audit & Enhancement at Higher Education Relevance Agency (HERQA). Dr. Dunkana presented his paper on Quality Assurance System in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). During the presentation, Dr. Dunkana informed trainees that assuring quality is mainly the responsibility of HEIs and the mandate of HERQA is to assure its implementation.  He emphasized that establishing, maintaining and improving quality is a process that needs commitment and care.  Finally, he entertained questions raised by trainees, and promised to support the University in realizing quality education by sending experts from his Directorate Office to train RVU staff on July 18, 2021.

The training proceeds in the afternoon session and training is offered by RVU Academic Affairs Directorate and Quality Assurance Directors. The training area covered wide ranging issues in areas of Academic Management, Teaching-learning Policy. 

The second day training continues on 18, 2021, and experts from HERQA Quality Audit Section are scheduled to offer training in areas of Quality Audit and related issues. The attached pictures were taken while the training is in progress.

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