Rift Valley University (RVU) Registrar and Alumni Affairs Office has organized two days training (May 20-21) for Campus Registrar and Alumni Affairs Heads who are from all RVU campuses. The training is underway at Rift Valley University Head Office, Tokuma Hall. 

The training commenced with the introduction of programs by Ato  Ifabas Kebede, RVU Director for Quality Assurance. Ato Ifabas informed trainees about the rulers and protocols that have to be followed during the two days training, and then invited Dr. Abebe Gemechu, Rift Valley University President to make an opening speech. 

In his speech, Dr. Abebe reminded the participants that the Registrar Office and Alumni Affairs Directorate is a custodian of students’ records and the backbone of the University that needs serious attention. He has also mentioned the investment made to modernize the Registrar Office so as to enable it to effectively and efficiently serve customers, and encouraged them to aggressively work on those areas. In his concluding remark, he told the participants to benefit from the training by actively participating on each and every issue, and officially declared the opening of the training program. 

Ato Fikadu Ashenafi, RVU Vice President for Administration and Business Development on his part focused on the objectives for training. He mentioned the rationale for organizing is to enable the trainees to get new insights, exchange best experiences and skills that would enable them to effectively and efficiently serve customers at all levels.

The training topics cover two main themes: System documents of Registrar and Alumni Affairs Office and Service Delivery and Customers Satisfaction. Besides, brief presentations on RVU Senate legislation and strategic Plan will be presented and discussed by the participants. The above mentioned thematic area training and related topics are offered by RVU Directorates and Consultant. The pictures depicted below were taken while the training session was underway.  


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