Rift Valley University has started holding its 2020/21 2nd Session Senate Meeting on April 08/2021 at Tokuma Hall in Addis Ababa. According to the program, the meeting will continue for three days during which the National Higher Education Policy and Strategy and the Federal TVET policy and Strategy are presented and thoroughly discussed. The meeting commenceed by welcoming address given by Dr. Abebe Gemechu, RVU President followed by an opening speech of Mr. Reta Bekele, RVU Board Chairperson. Government officials and RVU Board members were in attendance. On Day 1, semi-annual accomplishment reports of RVU -Head Office and RVU- College of Open and Distance Education were presented by Mr. Dirirsa Barbirolli and Mr. Abu Warsha respectively. Following the reports, the Senators addressed concerns and questions for further discussion. Mr. Gadisa Bekele, RVU V/President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Abebe Gemechu , RVU President briefly reelected and adjourned The meeting at 5:00 P.M. Day 2 will continue on April 09/2021 with reports of the campuses while Day 3 will be dedicated to presentation and discussion on the Federal TVET Policy and Strategy. Finally, the third session Senate Meeting will be concluded by directives to be forwarded by respective V/Presidents and Directors. As it is stipulated in the University’s Senate Legislation, RVU conducts three Senate Sessions annually.


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