Dear All RVU Students and with special attention to the class of 2020,
We strongly hope that the eradication of Coronavirus close the horizon is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Life continues, routines are on progress!
Hence, RVU has been dispatching course materials, worksheets, projects and reading texts(references) hoping that you are fully engaged in Self-learning activities while you are also taking care of yourselves from the pandemic.
This reminder, therefore, is to alert you up for:
1. 60% continuous  assessment will be conducted through projects and 40% will be through final project to be submitted to your respective course instrucors online.
2. All academic calendar, including graduation, will never be altered. Thus graduating class must actively keep on working on your Master’s Thesis in the due dates.
3. All students,  including distance learners, MUST keep connected with your respective campuses using all online chanelles.
Stay healthy!
Rift Valley University


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