The Center for Oromo Studies at Rift Valley University would like to announce the established of mini-library at its head office to be used by students, researchers and other  interested parties so as to foster understandings among diverse cultures and nations. The center would like to take this golden opportunity to ask for book donations from domestic, oversea scholar and institutions that focus on Oromo and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

The center would like to announce the establishment of Oromo students’ club at its Gotera campus. The objective of the club is to enhance the study of Oromo language, art and culture.



The center also invite those selfless, talented professionals to assist these young aspirant to fulfill their dream of emerging as professionals in the field they want to acquire.


During the foundation ceremony, the students have demonstrated their performance to the academic community.


The university is multi-cultural and mosaic community that is tolerant to diversity, sensitive to the wishes and aspirations of others. The university leadership see those efforts as extra-curricular activities that embolden the worldview of future leaders/students.


Hence, it encourages others that have similar interest to do the same.


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